Artisan Communities History

Although Artisan is a relatively young company (building in Nevada since 2010), it is only the most recent chapter in a story of two families that have been together in the home building and residential real estate development business for nearly half of a century. These decades of experience permeate the entire company with almost all employees having at least 10 years of experience in their respective job classifications and at least seven years working on the same team for the same principals. Moreover, our approach is extremely hands-on. The company’s principals have led companies that together have built more than 13,000 houses. They are directly involved in day-to-day operations, and everyone in the company has immediate access to everyone else. This allows us to better utilize this collective experience to solve every challenge at hand. This translates into superior building practices, more situation-specific innovation in building design and minimization of waste, all of which together allow us to deliver a better home at a great price.

Why Artisan Communities?

We Are Family Owned

There’s something different about a business with two families behind it--families with a strong track record of building houses and communities that people are proud to call home.

We Understand You

Because we listen to your needs, our homes are designed with today’s lifestyles in mind. From practical floor plans to design details that make life easier, we’ve got you covered.

We Believe Quality Matters

Artisan homes are built to be appreciated not just today, but for generations to come. All of our communities offer high-quality construction at a fair price.

We Care About the Details

When it comes to a home, it’s the little conveniences and details of craftsmanship that matter to you and your family. Because you deserve to have things built right.

We Are Accessible

Our sales and customer service team is devoted to serving you, whatever your home-buying needs. We make the process easy and are ready to answer your questions.

Our Experience Runs Deep

There’s a reason we’ve been building homes and creating communities for decades: satisfied buyers have come to trust us and the quality we deliver.